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About Bangalore

Bangalore is a cool city with high altitude. People of Bangalore love South Indian food. It is an educational hub of India and also has many IT companies & MNCs. Bangalore is known as City of Gardens as there are many beautiful gardens. Bangalore is full of Pubs, Disco etc. Some people regard Bangalore as Pub Capital of the Country. Bangalore is also called 'The City of Lakes' because of 25 lakes exist in the city. This city is also famous for Shopping, food & rich culture.

Life in Bangalore

Life is Bangalore is pretty awesome. Traffic is part of life in Bangalore as everyone needs to suffer from it for 1-2 hours daily. Bangalore may be chaotic, crowded and challenging, but it offers so much for families, including good schools, good healthcare and lots of areas for playgrounds and indoor play centers and also Western comforts.

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